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Time is money…we hear that every day. But in the transportation and logistics world, getting your routes done on time every time is critical to your success and growth. On average, a driver will spend 30-45 minutes at a truck stop every time they need to get diesel. On top of those lost labor hours is the challenge of theft and fraud that always comes with managing a fuel card program.

Mighty Reds Oil can help. We will bring the fuel to you, at your facility, and on your schedule.

About Us

We were on the same side of the transportation industry as you are and we found out pretty quickly that trucking is not about getting a package from point A to point B. The logistics and scheduling of those duties were quite simple.  Growing our business was about figuring out how to be more efficient, eliminating fraud, and retaining our drivers.  Mighty Red’s mobile fueling programs solve all of these challenges for trucking companies in the Columbus, OH market and we do it for the same price that you would pay at the pump.

Becoming more EFFICIENT

Profit is found in efficiency. Shaving labor hours by cutting out the stops to fuel up will reduce over time and allow you to double-shift your units. Watch the margins climb.

Eliminating FRAUD

Gas card programs are important to help your drivers but the management needed to order cards for a new hire or when someone loses it costs you money. What’s more challenging is ensuring that a gas card didn’t get used for personal use or skip town with an ex-employee. Take the gas card out of the equation. Our program draws payment once per week from your bank account after providing a detailed invoice per transaction. We don’t need anyone in the yard to help us and we don’t need a gas card. Your invoice will detail the date, time, gallons and vehicle number that was serviced.


Can we all agree that truck drivers love to drive? There has never been a more challenging labor force in American history. Give your employees the luxury of coming into work, grabbing their keys and doing what they love to do without leaving the driver’s seat. This will be a huge hiring advantage for your HR department.

Our mobile fueling programs solve all of these challenges for trucking companies in the Columbus, OH market and we do it for the same price that you would pay at the pump.

How We Work

How It Works

Mighty Reds Oil operates with a fleet of 3000 gallon tanker trucks that are properly licensed and insured.
We established a purchasing agreement with Marathon Oil Company in Columbus and each day our driver fills up his tanker and delivers Diesel to our customers.
Each morning at 8 a.m. our dispatcher will determine the average price of diesel for Columbus and that’s what you would be charged.  There’s a $5 per truck/fill-up fee on top of the fuel cost.
There is no initiation fee, monthly charge, or start up cost.
We come to you at the time that you want. Monday through Friday between 6 a.m. and Midnight.
You will be invoiced each Monday with a detailed report of what we did to which vehicles on what day from the week before. Once approved the money moves to our account on Friday.

Let's Get Started

We would love to come to your facility and show you what we can do to make your life just a bit easier. We can do this first visit one of three ways:

Just a Chat

We arrive with Big Red and we stand outside, look at it and we talk about the service

Free Fuel

You pick ONE truck that has room for 20 gallons and we show you what we can do at no charge. You will see the process, be able to ask questions and then receive a mock invoice from the system the next morning (no charge of course)

Show Me The Money

Line up as many trucks as you want and let us fill them up. We will charge you the street price and show you the soup-to-nuts process, including invoicing and payments.

Contact Us Today

You are one email, text or phone call away from getting all the hassles of fuel management off your desk and into one single email per month. We would love to share with you all of the benefits and value that Mighty Reds can offer.


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